Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Small space style II

I found these images of Roger Lussier's Boston apartment in the House Beautiful book "Decorating for Small Spaces", from the library in my new office. Interiors from this book have been blogged about a few times, including interiors by Greg Jordan and Miles Redd (both by Peak of Chic), but not this one (to my knowledge). I love the simplicity of the colour palette, and how he has displayed his art collection without worrying about lack of wall space. Very chic indeed!

2 comments: said...

I agree with you..I totally love how this artwork is displayed with wild abandon. Makes for a very interesting space.

Bueller said...

Great images! Thank you. I always try to pull off this style, lots of photos on the walls and beautiful home decor items, and I love how it doesn't look cluttered. Great inspiration!