Friday, 31 August 2012


Its been a while since I've seen anything that's made my jaw drop...and maybe even longer since its been from Victoria Hagan.  Not that I'm not a fan of her work, but this? This is to die for. And I don't normally like white...

Photographed by Melanie Acevedo for Veranda magazine (Sept 2012).

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

London calling...

I'm beyond excited that we are off to London next week...its been two years since the last trip, and this one also happens to be for a wedding.  I have a long list of new bars and restaurants to check out that have opened since I was last there, along with some others that I missed last time...but if you have any recommendations please feel free to let me know!  

Speaking of which, this might just be on my hit list...Galvin @ Windows in the Hilton Park Lane in Mayfair, which was just refurbed by the talented team at Central Design Studio.  The Michelin starred restaurant has incredible views of London's most iconic landmarks, and the interior was inspired by the 1930's and the golden age of cinematography.  Sounds divine!

Meet you at the bar? I'll have a G+T please...

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Villa Meissen

I know I haven't been around here much lately...and I don't even have a note from my parents to explain my absence! Things are a bit busy...and that might be a bit of an understatement.  It's certainly not a complaint as I know there are people around the world who'd kill to be in my position right now.  Things are good, business is going better than expected, and I am pretty happy about all that I have achieved this year.  It just means my poor little blog has been a bit neglected and unloved of late.  I don't want to start posting average material just to avoid awkward silences though...I've always strived to make sure that this is a blog that I would want to read, look at, and be inspired by, and I hope that by sticking to my guns it means that it will still appeal to like minded people.  So if you are one of those people I'm sure you'll forgive the sparsity of my posts, and with any luck you'll enjoy this one.

Villa Meissen in Milan.  I've been seeing images pop up in the printed media over the last few months, and honestly, I think I could move right in.  I'm guessing that is the idea.  Many of us are familiar with the name Meissen, it is a town in Germany whose name has become synonymous with luxurious porcelain, due to the fact it was the site of the very first European production of the mysterious white clay outside of China.  The name has since become better known for the company that has perfected the production.  Over their long and illustrious history the company has diversified and started to offer a much more diverse product range, and it seems the Villa in Milan is the perfect showcase for these products.  The interior is definitely my kinda space.  I'm loving the soft serene colours, the mix of classic and contemporary elements and of course the Meissen porcelain products.  I feel the need for a trip to Milan very, very, soon.


Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Forget about coming back in another life as a person...I think I'd quite like to come back as this kitchen.  Sexy and practical.  Must appeal to my inner Gemini!

Black and Brass. Yum. Kelly Wearstler designed kitchen from the latest Elle Decor, photographed by Mikkel Vang.