Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Roman Thomas

I am in love with New York based furniture company Roman Thomas. Their range is made up of what I would call 'new classics'. Very simple profiles, great proportions (from what I've seen from photos!) with a nod to the past but still very au courant. The luxurious materials they use (such as vellum, horsehair and shagreen) lend an historical quality. I love these images from their website, especially the horsehair covered cabinet (bottom left).


design for mankind. said...

Looooove Roman Thomas and loooove your blog!!! Mind if I link to your blog on my blogroll?

Suzy said...

Hi design for mankind, thanks for stopping by! So glad to hear there are other Roman Thomas enthusiasts out there! And I'm more than happy to swap links. Thanks!

design for mankind. said...

Yay! Adding you to my blogroll now. Thanks, Suzy!