Studio Annetta is proud to present a collection of unique luxury lighting. In the making for several years, the collection was born of the unavailability of lighting that met director Suzy Annetta’s exacting standards for luxury, quality and style.

While the inspirations for the eclectic range vary from 1930s and 40s design up to the 1970s, the pieces are united by the quality of their materials and their manufacture. Locally-sourced materials including cast bronze, marble and hardwoods give a luxurious feel to each piece, and are brought together by the hands of skilled artisans reviving skills that not long ago were dying. These are individually crafted, solid pieces that will last forever and will add beauty to any space.


An elegant French Moderne-style octagonal table lamp, this piece was inspired by the work of legends like Andre Arbus. Hand-crafted using the lost-wax technique of bronze-casting, this classic design will truly be something to pass on to the next generation. This design is offered in two sizes, the larger’s grand scale giving it a strong presence in any room.

Dimensions:  Ø40 x 88 H cm – large, Ø28 x 60 H cm – medium


This piece marries inspiration from a 1940s table base with recycled timber from a northern Thai temple. The beautiful wood is accented by a base and bands of solid cast bronze. The piece is also offered in a lacquered finish of faux ivory.

Dimensions: Ø45 x 57 H cm


Echoes of the 1970s and subtle references to the work of Pierre Cardin inform this simple but elegant piece, which is crafted from a single solid block of marble.

Dimensions: Ø35 x 67 H cm


One of the more petite pieces in the collection, this piece was inspired by the work of French deco master Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann. The piece is crafted in stainless steel paired with the traditional deco-era shagreen, or stingray skin. Bringing the piece into line with modern standards, our shagreen is a byproduct of the meat industry in Asia, meaning that no stingrays are culled purely for their skins.

Dimensions: 20.5 W x 15 D x 30 H cm


This piece offers a simple, elegant design that will work in any interior. Solid bronze and stainless steel are used in the construction and are complemented by the exotic look of ostrich leather.

Dimensions: 35 W x 71 H cm


The geometric design of this piece harks back to the designs of the mid- to late-20th century, and is presented in solid cast bronze using the lost-wax technique of bronze-casting.

Dimensions: Ø45 x 78.5 H cm

Cast in both silvered and blackened bronze, this classic fluted design was inspired by French modern design and its masters including Andre Arbus and Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann. This design is offered in two sizes.

Dimensions: Ø45 x 79.5 H cm – large, Ø31.5 x 55.5 H cm – medium


This piece is one of the collection’s more modern designs, referencing the work of 1940s designers such as Jacques Quinet and Marc du Plantier. The solid cast bronze is accented with a faux linen lacquer finish.  This design is offered in two sizes.

Dimensions: 50 W x 65 H cm - L


Inspired by a table from the 1940s, this design marries classic with industrial. Cast from solid bronze and with a matching bronze finial, it is one of the collection’s more masculine designs. This design is offered in two sizes.

Dimensions: Ø42.5 x 75.5 H cm – large, Ø30 x 53 H cm – medium


The solidity of stainless steel and the simple geometry of the design are offset in this stunning piece with antique mirror reminiscent of the elegance and classic beauty of Lalique.

Dimensions: 50 W x 20 D x 62 H cm


The combination of stainless steel and solid onyx lend this lamp both solidity and elegance. The piece will work in any space, where its large scale will make it a luxurious accent.

Dimensions: 60 W x 25 D x 45 H cm



Handcrafted from a solid piece of sandstone framed in cast bronze (A), this simple, contemporary piece would be equally at home in the city or a beach house. Also available with a solid onyx base (B).

Dimensions: Ø29 x 51.5 H cm


An industrial design from 1940s France has been reimagined in this piece and realised in solid timber with a base and bands of cast bronze.

Dimensions: Ø37.5 x 69 H cm


Polished solid onyx with silvered bronze accents combine to make this piece an instant classic. Inspired by Scandinavian designers of the 1950s, the lamp will add a touch of tradition and elegance to any space. This design is offered in two sizes.

Dimensions: Ø33 x 70 H cm – large, Ø23 x 52.5 H cm – medium

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