Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Steve Leung

Steve Leung is a native Hong Kong Architect and Interior and Product Designer whose work I admire. I thought I'd share some images of a project he completed recently. This is a show flat for a prestigious development in Repulse Bay, an exclusive neighbourhood on the south side of Hong Kong island.

I love this room, the combination of soft pale colours combined with white creates such a soothing atmosphere. The combination of the sofa, side chairs (which look a bit Kelly Wearstler-ish to me) and the buttoned ottoman is fabulous. The lamp on the side table is from Moooi.

Love this dining room. It's luxuriuous in so many ways - for a start, having that much space in Hong Kong is pretty rare (real estate prices in Hong Kong are similar to those in Manhattan), but the marble floor and the studded upholstered chairs, and the chandelier are so stunning.

I love this bedroom too, from the wallpaper on the feature wall, to the lamp and the upholstered bedhead. So pretty!

Another view of the bedroom - looking into the bathroom. Loving that huge armchair on the left.

The dressing room off the master bedroom - studded detailing on the wardrobe doors to match the side chair.

This bathroom is so stunning. It's by far the prettiest I've seen for a while. Apart from the size of the tub (another space luxury in Hong Kong), I love the mirrored vanity and the curtains hanging behind. I don't know just how practical that would be (although most people here have a live in maid so aren't too concerned about cleaning and maintenance!), but its a lovely idea.


katiedid said...

How glamorous! I love the bedroom suite of rooms. And I love white!
Thanks for visiting my blog! Yours is wonderful, so I am linking you so I can remember to visit often!

Sarah Jennings said...

Beautiful...but I would guess that no children live here! I would love to get a mirrored chest or side table, but I am afraid that I would crash into it and break it.

Suzy said...

The bedroom is gorgeous isn't it! Thanks for linking me katiedid, I'll link yours on mine now.

Suzy said...

Hi Sarah, the mirrored chests are lovely aren't they, I think I'd probably do the same thing! And I think you're right about the kids too..

{RNVL} said...

Okay, I'm ready to move in! This place is amazing--great post!

Suzy said...

rnvl - thanks. Its a great apartment isn't it. The best bit about it though is not shown in any of these pics, the whole development has an amazing view of the ocean. And is within walking distance to the beach.

patriciagrayinc.com said...

Very, very Chic!!