Monday, 30 July 2007

More metal

I thought I might post a few more images I've found since my post on metallic wallcoverings. I think it looks equally wonderful on furniture as it does on walls!

Donghia also does a few variations - a gold leaf wallpaper and a silver tea paper.

This image is of an interior Jeffrey Bilhuber created (image from the Katie Did blog). I'm loving his work at the moment...

Another delicious dining room covered in metallic tea paper, this one by Mathew Patrick Smyth.

A gold-leaf cabinet by Barbara Barry from her furniture collection for Baker.

"Silver Screen" cabinet and armoire by Barbara Barry from her furniture collection for Henredon.


Sarah Jennings said...

Great post!

I recently saw an ad for Niermann Weeks that had a cool silver leaf bombe chest (with great exaggerated proportions). It's called the Carlotta Bombe commode -

Love your blog!

Suzy said...

Thanks Sarah. That chest from Nierman Weeks is pretty amazing. said...

Another great post to futher my inspirations on silver Leaf.Thanks

Henredon said...

Henredon cabinet looks good. Thanks for sharing the picture.