Thursday, 19 July 2007

Steven Sclaroff & Kate Spade

I know this apartment has been blogged about a million times, but I still love it. Kate Spade is an awesome designer, I totally love her preppy style, and her general chic-ness. This is the apartment she shares with her husband Andy Spade (brother to David Spade, the actor) and baby in New York. They had Steven Sclaroff help them with the decor. I love the mix (dare I use the overused word 'eclectic'?) of colours, styles and furnishings, coupled with their collection of contemporary art.

I wish Sclaroff's website actually had project photos on it...

Entrance with collection of drawings etc. I love the wall colour...

The living room is a crazy mix of colours, styles and somehow it all works.

They even make taxidermy look stylish.

I love the wallpaper (it looks like silk or seagrass to me), and the bright colours.

Another view of the master bedroom - I love the red striped fabric next to that chest of drawers.

Ensuite bathroom.
Spare bedroom (my husband would never let me use that much toile in the house, let alone one room!!).

Love the kitchen banquette and the tiled floor.


The Peak of Chic said...

I never tire of this apartment either. There is just so much great "stuff" to look at here, and it was executed so well. I too wish that there were photos on Sclaroff's website!

ALL THE BEST said...

I have this magazine and I look at it all the time!! I want to completely duplicate the look in my own home!!! said...

I also am a fan of this home. I did a post on the Master Bedroom
titled "Yellow Chic". I don't think we can get enough of this one. I hadn't seen the article in the magazine, so thanks for showing allthe rooms!!