Monday, 30 July 2007

Mary McDonald's office

I think two requests are enough to warrant me posting the images of Mary McDonald's office that came from said ill-gotten magazine...

As I mentioned, this was the first I had ever seen the work of milliner, turned decorator, Mary Mc Donald. And that was enough to be hooked. It took me ages to track down her website to see more of her work. Once I had, I realised that I had actually seen a few homes she'd completed in magazines, and not realised. She's a master at creating luxurious bedrooms, and incorporating subtle chinoiserie detailing. I think her offices are just as glamorous, and her signature style is evident here.
I think these images are actually the same as those on her webiste, and were previously published by Domino magazine.

I just adore this image (sorry for the crappy quality). The combination of the pale blue and all that white furniture is timeless, and so pretty. She's used a wallpaper, or a painted mural, on the back wall and is not afraid to cover it up with black and white photos. Her desk and the chair behind it are stunning. And those lamps are amazing.

These curtains are fabulous, and the frog detailing on the soft pelmet is subtle but just enough to give a hint of the orient. The sofa, cushions, side chair and the porcelain stool are beautiful. I also love the casual feel of the sisal flooring.

I love this too. I have always been a fan of dark wooden floors with really pale walls and white trims, with silver details. So much so this is the look I went for when we renovated our house. I love the chandelier, its from Restoration Hardware. I also love the black details she's used as a contrast, and especially like the idea of hanging art with ribbon.

Stunning combination of black, white and red. The horizontal stripes on the wall are very graphic, and again she's used just a few chinoiserie pieces to give the room some interest.

These images are of a filing cabinet in her office, which I think was covered in a paper - possibly wallpaper or wrapping paper. But alas, I don't read chinese so I may never know. If anyone can fill me in I'll be rapt! (sorry, bad joke). This is a great idea though, I've done this before on bed side tables and it looked great.


The Peak of Chic said...

These are the same images as the spread in Domino, but I lost that issue so I'm thrilled to see them again. Thank you for posting them. Re: the paper on the file cabinets, I believe McDonald took a wallpaper sample (or something like it) and had it photocopied- blowing up the size in the process. Check out Style Court's blog b/c I think I remember Courtney posting on how to do this.

Suzy said...

Thanks POC! said...

Hi Suzy
Thanks for this post. I did see it in the magazine, but this is better to see it this way. If you
find the post that Style Court did on the file cabinet artwork, please let us know. I would be interested in finding out more on this technique. Good post. Thanks

Fairfax said...
It's the instructions for making the MM cabinet

Suzy said...

Thanks Fairfax!