Monday, 17 May 2010


I just had to share some photos of a restaurant I stumbled upon while looking for something else..."Murano" is by Gordon Ramsay in Central London. Those first two images are breathtaking...I LOVE the front of that bar! Not sure exactly what it is, but a little birdy told me it was hand-blown glass, and considering the name of the place, that is more than possible. I don't even care what the food is like, I definitely have to make it here when I'm next in London!


Kim Dowds said...

Absolutely stunning! Love the contrast - very lush - and the brass details throughout give a gentrified, old world touch. Thanks for sharing Suzy!

Jill said...

The bar reminds me of porcupine quills...very cool!

Hautezone said...

I just adore this post Suzy. What an inviting enviroment to dine in. I can imagine how the room glows when candlelit. Stunning!

Glad to see you're back!!!