Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Steven Quigg

This renovation from an industrial warehouse to an uber chic bachelor pad in Melbourne had me swooning! If I was to renovate an old warehouse, this is pretty close to what I would do myself. The former 1 bedroom apartment owned by Steven Quigg, Melbourne based Interior Designer has been transformed into a 4 bedroom space with a study. Normally you read about people buying apartments and knocking down walls to open it up - but not this time. I'm a big fan of walls, and I actually like having rooms, so I appreciate what Quigg has done here. With a mix of high and low, old and new, minimal and decorative, he's created a space that he calls international, yet feels very Australian. Painted brick walls and highly polished concrete floors mixed with Ralph Lauren wallpaper (Ashfield Floral in Gunmetal) create a stunning backdrop to a collection of period and custom made pieces. Its cool and cozy.

Sorry, bad scanning quality here, but these images are of the open living dining area. The sunburst mirror was purchased while the owner was living in New York. An antique Empire sideboard sits behind Jardan sofas. A 19th C French chandelier sits over the custom reproduction dining table. The 50's French neoclassical dining chairs are covered in a pearlescent vinyl and backed with black dyed springbok. The large canopy chair (on the right hand side of the 2nd image) is covered in cowhide.

The painting at the end of the galley kitchen is by Peter Walsh.

Photographs by legendary Australian photographer Bill Henson line the length of the open study.

A custom made lampshade by Quigg adds a bit of glamour to an antique lamp base. The painting beside it was commissioned by Quigg.

A custom made mirror panel head board adds some light and a bit of glitz to the bedroom.

All images from Belle Feb/Mar 2008, photos by Shannon McGrath.


Cleopatra said...

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful blog you have with gorgeous photos and insights. I especially love the fact that you are writing in from Hong Kong adding a different perspective as i do from Cairo. we have the same designer favourites. well done!


Cleopatra said...

PS: Suzy, after our comments yesterday on turqouise chic's love of sunburst mirrors, check out the sunburst mirror over the fireplace in one of those shots!

Suzy said...

Hi Cleopatra, thanks for visiting and your lovely comments! I'll be sure to check out your blog - are you originally from Cairo, or elsewhere?

The Peak of Chic said...

That's a beautiful and glamorous home! I could live quite happily there :)

girl meets glamour said...

I just love that bathroom esp, I think that's calcutta marble...anyways what a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing.


M&Co said...

Wow love the way he use muted colors and the dining room is stunning. He use art in a clever way!

elizabethbriel said...

Fantastic renovation of a beautiful space...I've been considering a move to a studio in Aberdeen (HK), there'll be lots of work for you in that part of town if they put in the proposed MTR line!

Great blog, found you while I was researching Wilson Shieh.

Bayou Contessa said...

Beautiful home. I'm crazy about the black feathered lampshade.

Suzy said...

POC & GMG - I agree, its a very glamourous home, and I'd be quite happy living there...especially with that bathroom!!

Suzy said...

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for dropping by, its nice to have more readers from HK! I have heard about the proposed new MTR line in Aberdeen, so fingers crossed there will be some work out there!

Quigglet said...

Just a quick note,
I know your dream house. It was for sale once in 1992. It is has amazing bones.Imagine what could be done with it! Have you been inside?

Steven Quigg

Suzy said...

Hi Steven, thanks for dropping by! I think my dream house has also recently been up for sale again. I have been inside, it was a boutique hotel, and my husband and I stayed there on our wedding night. It really does have amazing bones, and I can't stop thinking about it!