Thursday, 31 January 2008

Back in black...

When I was 13 a friend of my mother's told me that black really suited me (I was dressed head to toe in it), much to my mother's chagrin. Being an impressionable age, I took the compliment to heart and have been pretty much obsessed with black ever since. Living in Melbourne, which is the Australian equivalent to New York - it looks like a sea of black and grey in winter, certainly helped.

I've already posted about my love of dark walls (see here), but black is a colour that's not often used in interiors, on walls anyway. I think it takes a brave designer to use it en masse, but the results can look fantastic. Art and pretty much any other colour looks great with black, and it has the ability to look warm or cool, and I think it can work in either modern or classic looking interiors - as I think the pics below will attest.

from the home of fashion designers Badley + Mishka

Aerin Lauder's Hamptons home, from House & Garden magazine (US)
Shoreditch House, London

A Tom Scheerer interior - it looks quite warm and inviting, don't you think?

Office of Ashely Edwards, from Domino magazine

An interior by Melbourne design firm Hecker, Phelan & Guthrie

Kara Mann Design - love the photography in this image too.

Photo by Roger Davies photography

Interior by Jackson-Aaron

Kelly Wearstler's incredibly chic black kitchen, from Domicilium Decoratus

Lobby of the Bulgari resort, Milan

Exterior of Yael Arfallo's house, from Domino magazine

Black crystal pendant light by Spina design

Vases fromthe new Calvin Klein Home collection

Sexy pumps by Christian Louboutin - one of the holy shoe trinity (the others being Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo of course)

A snakeskin clutch from Hong Kong based Kotur

One of my favorite fashion designers, Martin Grant - a Melbourne boy based in Paris. He even went to the same University that I did!

"Black Paintings" Authored by Mark Rothko, Robert Rauschenberg and Ad Reinhardt, this is a collection of black paintings that were creating in America in the 40's.

40's American armchair, covered in jet black patent leather, from 1st Dibs.


LondonCalling said...

I gravitate to black. Black in furnishings and clothes. I've always wanted to paint a wall or perhaps a powder room black.

girl meets glamour said...

I love dark have one of my favorites on their, the Tom Scheerer interior!


M&Co said...

Stunning! I ove black walls! And everything else black ;-) I try colors from time to time but I always fall back on my favourite; black! Great post!

ALL THE BEST said...

Great post! I've been in love with those shoes for awhile!!

Things That Inspire said...

Great post! I love color theme posts. Black certainly is a bold choice, and I have to admit that I gravitate much more to the light tones. However, your post has certainly give me an appreciation for the sophistication of black!

Patricia Gray said...

I love black. It is so classic.

An Aesthete's Lament said...

The 1stdibs chair looks, well, sticky, doesn't it? I remember reading a wonderful story about Jean-Michel Frank's apartment for Elsa Schiaparelli. The dining banquettes were upholstered in a rubberized black material that, alas, came off on the diners' clothes during a very warm evening.

Suzy said...

Londoncalling - a black power room would be fantastic!

GMG - I love that Tom Scheerer room too!

M&CO. - it is hard to get past a favorite colour isn't is an alltime classic I think.

Rhonda - the shoes are pretty fabulous aren't they...not sure I could get away with them though!

TTI - thanks, glad you liked it!

Patricia, I completely agree!

Aesthete - it sort of does doesn't it! I hadn't really noticed that until you mentioned it!

Anonymous said...

Great blog. I am looking for help with a resource.

It has been very difficult to find a round pedestal table (similar to the Badley-Mishka) with additional leafs in a dark stain or black painted finish.

If anyone has a resource, especially in the US it would be greatly appreciated.

kt ;)

Suzy said...

Hi KT - that table looks very similar to the "Clivedon" by Ralph Lauren ( check out
Otherwise if this is not within your budget - does anyone stateside have any leads?

maison21 said...

so i've been noticing all these black walls as well, and thinking they look fab- but i'm ashamed to admit, i'm scared to try it in my own home. i like to think of myself as fearless when it comes to design, but when it comes to painting a room black, i'm a scared-y cat...

My Notting Hill said...

Love these pics - especially the Shoreditch house in London!