Tuesday, 24 September 2013

mirror, mirror, on the wall...

As I get older I get less and less keen to spend any serious time in front of a mirror...as I'm sure we all do. But, I still love me a good mirror for decorative purposes. And here are just a few on my recent lust list...

 A few personal faves from Belgian designer Herve van der Straeton via Ralph Pucci

 Brass mirrors by Japanese designer Morie Nishimura & NIAA

 The Domestic and Scie mirrors from Domestic

 Francis mirror by Constance Guisset

William Emmerson via Ralph Pucci

 Blue resin mirror by Louis Durot

 Reve mirror from by Koket

 Miroir Facette by Ingrid Donat

A couple by Marianna Kennedy

 A few beauties by UK based Sam Orlando Miller

A selection of designs by French designer Hubert Le Gall

Jacques Adnet mirrors via Gubi

Plasterwork mirror by Stephen Antonson

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