Tuesday, 6 November 2012

the Studio Annetta collection

OK, I've held out long enough....its finally time to make an announcement. I am very proud to show you the fruits of my labour...a collection of lighting that has been several years in the making.  I finally got fed up with not being able to find lamp designs for myself and for clients, and after sketching ideas for many years now, I produced a collection of my own!

While the inspirations for the collection are a bit eclectic (they vary from 1930s and 40s French moderne design up to the 1970s and more contemporary in style) the pieces are united by the quality of their materials and their manufacture. Locally-sourced materials (including cast bronze, solid marble, exotic skins, lacquer work and local hardwoods) that give a luxurious feel to each piece, are brought together by the hands of skilled artisans reviving skills that not long ago were dying. Each piece is individually crafted, so every piece is a one of a kind and can be customized in size and material if so desired.  I hope you like!

















For more information or sales enquiries about the lighting collection (trade, retail or otherwise) please contact us at products (@) studioannetta.com

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Raina Cox said...

Oh. My. Goodness. There are stunning.

Will they be available Stateside?

Suzy said...

Thanks Raina! So sweet! Hopefully they will be at some stage, but I am also happy to ship from here to any location!

mary said...

These are gorgeous. True jewels. Lighting is the design detail that makes a room. I love the ostrich, the polished brass is of the highest quality. I love them. Congratulations!!

maison21 said...

LOVES! so excited *for* you and so proud *of* you.

remarkable. congrats!

Lynnea Jean said...

These are stunning! my favorite: SAL0104. Congratulations! Perhaps you will or already have considered diversifying to sconces and pendants.

Suzy said...

Thanks Mary & Christian!

Suzy said...

Thank you Lynnea Jean - I probably will diversify into other forms of lighting, we just decided that it would be easier to start simple first, as it was a lack of table lamps that drove me to creat this collection. But stay tuned for more in the future!

YHBHS said...

Gorgeous! Congrats..... And get some of these out to LA!

Anonymous said...

Dear Suzy,
They are exquisite , really beautiful , as well as useful,
I will make sure we buy some
David Collins

emma said...

Awesome lamps Suze!

Suzy said...

Thanks Em!

YHBHS - I hope to...I met another LA'er a few weeks ago and am dying to get there again soon!


Mr Collins, if that really is you, thanks so much for the compliment, as you know, I hold you in very high regard.