Thursday, 4 August 2011

Stuart Scott & Associates

Its been almost a year since I was in London celebrating with our friends at their wedding. That means its also almost a year since I was at Decorex....(where on earth has the year gone??) I wish I was able to go again this year, but since I can't I am certainly enjoying from afar the images of the new range of furniture by Stuart Scott & Associates. Stuart, formerly of Somerville Scott & Co., is launching his first collection at Decorex this year. Each piece is a definite classic, and I only wish I was able to see them in real life as I'm sure they're even cuter than their photographs. So, to those of you attending Decorex, or any of the other wonderful design events in London this year, enjoy... however for those of you, like myself, who won't be there - these are for you!

Toku Table

Vagas Lounger Chair

Tux Sofa

Sir Roger Chair

Isabella Slipper Chair

Henri Club Chair

Alae Wing Chair

Tenno Table

Parqueterie Table

Edo Table

All images care of Stuart Scott


the modern sybarite ™ said...

Love the Roger chair. Although I see similar chairs every day, this one made me stop to think of the different "blocks" that make it up ... funny how it only takes modifying 1 thing (the single color seat cushion) to make you look at the chair in a different way :-)

JenM said...

I love the lines on these pieces. Outstanding & perfect for my contemporary space. Thanks for posting, Suzy.

Always enjoy your selections (from Boston)

Anonymous said...

loving the geometric side tables, always adds a bit of 'edge' to a scheme. thanks for the share and links.