Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Sorry for the extended absence, I've been a busy little bee lately and have been away from my little blog for longer than intended. It maybe a while before I post again as I am off to Tokyo tomorrow for a friend's wedding, and then have a friends arrival from London over easter to look forward to on my return. Reports are out that the first cherry blossoms are out, so fingers crossed for me they stay there til I get to Tokyo! Sayonara folks!


columnist said...

Yes, there's great sakura in Tokyo I hear. Enjoy it - it's truly beautiful, and if you have a chance, nip down to Kyoto, which is breathtaking during sakura.

Anonymous said...

Have a lovely trip!

maison21 said...

i'm jealous- i've always wanted to visit tokyo. enjoy the cherry blossoms, and your freind's visit to hk!



Suzy said...

Thanks guys! I did live in Japan for 3 years before moving to Hong Kong so they won't be my first cherry blossoms or Hanami season, but they never fail to be magical. The wedding was fantastic by the way, and Tokyo is showing us a great time.