Friday, 10 July 2009

Singapore II

This grand old dame looks quite like the one we ate breakfast in last Sunday. So beautiful...

The owners of this home collect asian art, and as you will see in the following pictures, this house is the perfect backdrop. They've managed to keep it looking like a home, rather than a museum which is not an easy feat considering all of the amazing art they have. I'm not sure I could live in it, but I certainly wouldn't mind it as a holiday house!

So tell me, which one do you prefer - the modern version, or this one?

Originally published in Architectural Digest (US) in January 2007, for more pictures click here. Photography by Russell MacMasters.


mag duru said...

spectacular home cum art studio.
nice pictures. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

This is sooo chic. Love it.
Randy Powers

My Notting Hill said...

I prefer this one, although I loved the entry gates on the modern one. Really enjoyed this house tour!

columnist said...

I love this one, both internally and externally. It reminds me of those I grew up in, (in Singapore and Malaysia), although the interiors weren't as beautifully decorated, as they were company properties, and the furniture was pretty "functional", and I don't suppose there was the same development of Asian pieces, (except of course Chinese antiques), but these were rarely, if ever, used.

Singapore is visually pleasing, and the government have done an amazing job retaining old colonial buildings, and zones, albeit a bit Disney-like; somewhere between that and the chaos of Bangkok there must be a happy medium. Ditto on the "lifestyle" factor.

Suzy said...

Columnist - if you ever figure out where that happy medium is, please let me know. I'd love to move there!!

- Suzie - said...

I loooove this colonial style !
It reminds me of my happy years in South-East-Asia (especially Bangkok ! Ha, who lives in Bangkok always prefers it before Singapore. But Singaporean always prefer Singapore instead Bangkok. I think Bangkok has impoved a lot).
Anyway, I love the teak floor (that we also have now in Germany). What a cosy colour. And the furniture and blinds.... the house, I know from the outside. I love the style. Whould move in tomorrow, if I could!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the lovely pics !!!

- Suzie - said...

Sorry, maybe I was a bit too fast.
After looking a 2nd time, I would say:
I would add some modern furniture and take out some Chinese.
And I would hang modern colourful paintings.

The house just reminded me of my time as an expat in Asia. If someone would have offered this house and the company would have paid I would have move in right away and be happy with the furnishing.

But again: I do love bamboo blinds and the honey colour of teak wood floors! And the tropical garden! And the sound of birds... just dreaming....

Suzy said...

Suzie, I think I agree. So how's life back in Germany treating you? Which city are you living in? I'm kinda husband and I have a bit of a fantasy of moving to Berlin one day...but we'll see!