Friday, 3 April 2009

Munge Leung design

Its funny how we bloggers and design addicts seem to share a collective consciousness. I've mentioned it before, but I was reminded of it after receiving an email from one of my email buddies, Stuart Fox, about a great design firm he wanted to share with me. I had only just discovered them myself a day before. Spooky. The firm we were both drooling over was Toronto based Munge-Leung. Founded by previous employees of Yabu Pushelberg, they are producing some seriously beautiful work. Check it out!

Have a great weekend everyone, I know I will - I've been looking forward to it all week! ;)


Renee Finberg said...

really nice shots.

i love the wall to wall sheers .

it is such a classic look.

x have a nice weekend

columnist said...

Really clean lines - great! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I am dying to see the apartment reveal..... I hope you plan on posting the pictures soon!!!!!!

housewears said...

This talented team created an amazing display for Swarovski at IDS09 in Toronto (Feb), a crystal swing illuminated inside an ethereal metal forest, so stunning, my photo couldn't capture it, thanks for showing us more of their stunning work!... lovely blog, have included you on my 'blogs to enjoy' list to inspire others!

Suzy said...

Hi Anon - actually, I feel like a bit of a tease now, because I'm holding off for a few months - there is a chance I can get the apartment published in a local magazine, so I don't want to ruin my chances...but hold will see it eventually!

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Wonderful to see Canadian design talent featured....found your blog via Material Girls and enjoyed the visit to your gorgeous blog.

david john said...

i know what you mean about the collective consciousness. its strange sometimes, but i have those moments all the time, like the one you described.

great posting. what beautiful interiors!

david john
los angeles

Michelle said...

I know, it's over-used, but OMG. These interiors are so great! Working for the likes of YP, they must be good.

The use of screens and headboards, and the attention to detail in designing them, are more than noteworthy.

I'll be looking for more of them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzy,
We love your blog! Very inspirational. Lucy and Darren

Paul Pincus said...

i LOVE the sixth image (bedroom) ... gorgeous!

Meg Sylvia said...

lovely blog! I'll be sure to link you!