Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Modern Graphic Bathrooms

My posting has been a bit sporadic lately, and there are a few reasons why...namely, the company I work for installed a firewall recently which blocks, amongst many other things, blogger. I was in the habit of reading and writing blog posts during my lunch break, because honestly its the only free time I've had recently. No more. That, and we've had a friend from Australia staying with us. The lucky girl has been trekking around Asia the last month and left the not so sunny shores of Hong Kong for Paris yesterday. *sigh* Are you as jealous as I am? Anyway, I do digress. What I wanted to post was these stunning images of graphic modern bathrooms. I haven't done a bathroom round-up for a while, and these are the ones that have been the inspiration lately for the never-ending imaginary renovation I have in my head. Hope you like!

Two stunners by Pierre Yovanovitch - the really bold combination of black and white marble in these is stunning.

Love both of these, by the master Jacques Grange for the new Mark Hotel in NY.
Can't remember the source or origin of either of these...but the black with the blue in the first image is a nice combo.

And last, but most definitely not least, this stunner by Joseph Dirand. This has to be at the top of my list at the moment. I'm really loving the combination of the black and white graphic floor and the silver leaf tiles....so glam. What about you - what's your favorite bathroom at the moment?


Patricia Gray said...

Hi Suzy
I love the top photo with that amazing carerra marble. There is something so artistic about it. Sorry to hear about the firewall at work. What a drag.

david john said...

we miss your constant updates!

i like them allll.....

Renee Finberg said...

i love the silver leaf !!!

sooo hot !!


Suzy said...

Hi Patricia - I couldn't agree more - on both counts!

Thanks David!

Renee - I'm glad its not just me!

qerat said...

I loved the silver leaf. I used this trick once to hide ugly tiles in an open plan kitchen/living room. It works instantly.
Lovely post and blog

Paul Pincus said...

all beautiful ... i'm with you and renee re: the silver leaf! it's so glamourous and unexpected!

My Notting Hill said...

Love this post and the contrast w/the black and white marble.

Zane said...

the last bathroom with silver leaf tiles is amazing. and thanks, Suzy, for introducing me with Joseph Dirand work... I'm now obsessed with his bold interiors and looking at pictures over and over again.

Suzy said...

My pleasure Zane!