Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Random inspiration

I'm moving apartments in a few months. Our lease is up, and the landlord wants to raise the rent by 20% (as is happening all over Hong Kong at the moment). And, I don't really want to share my space with cockroaches, rats and termites anymore (I wish I were kidding). Hence, we are looking around. Part of me wished I was moving back to my own house in Melbourne, but we're not really ready to leave here just yet. So, apartment hunting we go. I'm also thinking its a good excuse to get the pre-loved furniture I bought finally recovered and have my space in a state that is at least partly photographable (is that even a word ?) so I can share some pics with you all. In the meantime, this is what is inspiring me at the moment...

Source unknown - I love this sofa - I can't get enough of green.

Living room by Shamir Shah - it looks comfortable and chic to me.

A Steven Gambrel living room - nothing else needs to be said...

An interior by Todd Romano - love this colour combination.

Markham Roberts own living area, as featured in Domino

An interior by Madeline Stuart

A crisp classic neutral room by Larry Laslo

Above 3 images of an interior by Joe Nye a great mix of warm toned timber and a neutral colour palette.
Interior by Jean-Louis Deniot - love the mix of styles he creates.

Image from Highland Court fabrics - I love how relaxed this room looks, and how comfortable and chic it is.

Image from Elle Decor Oct '07 - everyone's favorite front cover.

Apartment of the owners of Duane Modern/Antiques image from 1st Dibs - a great mix here - but what else would you expect from vintage furniture dealers!

Angela Free interior - again, I love the warm timber and the cool, neutral colours.

Source unknown - but a super cozy looking room. These colours might be too warm for HK, but I'm still a Melbourne girl at heart, and I will always love these warm tones.

The two images from my tear sheets file that won me my free pretty in Maison 21's competition. From old Australian Vogue Living magazines.

And last, but far from least, the bedroom from 1st Dibs founder Michael Bruno's Paris apartment - care of Katiedid. I can't stop thinking about this room, its just so chic. I love this chest of drawers because its so unique, but I really don't think I could live with furniture that's covered in dead elephant.


Cote de Texas said...

Beautiful eye candy to wake up to!!! aw, rats and termites and roaches? honey - we've got them all here in Texas too!!!! yeeww!!!

Thanks for the comment, too!

The Peak of Chic said...

What a wealth of inspiration! Re: the first image with the green sofa- I've been really into these darker, murkier shades of green lately. So pretty.

katiedid said...

I was just enjoying all of your pictures, and realized that my name was at the end of your post! Thanks so much for the link-up! All of your photos are great inspiration. I hope you find an even better apartment. Darn landlords.

The Paris Apartment said...

Great collection! I'm going to show your blog to my client so thank you!

dianamuse said...

I'm resting my eyes on that first image. It's so beautiful. I might just print it out and hang it up for occasional inspiration. Lovely post.

Suzy said...

Hi Joni - I guess those pesky things live anywhere its warm, huh!

Jennifer - me too - I have always liked green, but this shade really appeals to me at the moment.

Thanks Katie, and no problem - thank YOU for posting those images!

Paris Apartment, glad I could help out in the inspiration department!

Diana - good idea - I'm infatuated with that image too!

SGM said...

You love oversize art hanging over a couch. Me too. Sigh.

Suzy said...

SGM, yes, I guess I do!

Maryam said...

That first image just totally speaks to me. Love that big white piece of art over the sofa. That combination is so daring.

Diana said...

oh very nice...love all the over-sized pictures/wall art.

j u s t i m a g i n e said...

fabulous images !! Good luck with your apartment shopping.....I love shopping real estate.......who am I kidding......I love alllll shopping !!!

Alkemie said...

Great spread Suzy! I had to laugh when you said you couldn't get enough of green lately. Me too as I find I've been inadvertently posting with photos of green chairs quite often :)

So Haute said...

Love this post! Lots of beautiful interiors! Love the second photo. I actually just included a different photo of that same room on my blog in a post about the photographer who shot it, Timothy Kolk. I also really love the Todd Romano room and the living room of the Duane Modern/Antiques guys. I could live in either one of those spaces!