Monday, 29 April 2013

La Lampe Gras

I have loved the La Lampe Gras lamps for as long as I can remember. The utilitarian, almost industrial, design is just so timeless. I only knew of their table lamps though, and was so excited when I saw that fellow Melbournian designers, Hecker Guthrie, had used one of these lovely wall lamps in a kitchen of all places.

Check it out here, this was the kitchen I saw, featured in the latest Belle magazine.  I love the little shot of black of the lamp and the taps against all that white. So cool. And apart from looking very cool, they're also really practical. Love the idea of using one of these in a kitchen...I will be filing this away in the filing cabinet in my mind for future use...

Kitchen in private residence by Hecker Guthrie

The Old Library, by Hecker Guthrie

Another space designed by Hecker Guthrie...they clearly like them as much as I do...

Bar & Co by Joanna Laajisto

Above images all from the La Lampe Gras website


annemarie said...

Hey Suzie, I know the lampe gras is great isnt it? Have you seen the new lamp launched by the same company? the Bernard Schottlander Mantis, you can find the link on my website I just blogged about it! It looks amazing!

Suzy said...

Love them, thanks for letting me know about this!

iin said...

Hello Suzy. I love la lampe gras lamps very much. Could you tell me where I can buy them in stores in Asia? I live in Indonesia. Thank you.

Suzy said...

Hi iin,
I'd love to help...but I have no idea. I suggest you get in touch withe le lampe gras!