Tuesday, 15 February 2011

winter warmers

Maybe its winter and the thought of staying at home with my cats on days like these, or maybe its a shift in my tastes. Either way I seem to be drawn more often than not these days to rooms with warm plummy colours. I was never a fan of purples really, but I certainly seem to be now. It pairs perfectly with chocolates, blueberries and mushrooms. I don't know if I'd paint the whole house this colour, but definitely my bedroom or a small reading room. What do you think?

Dining room of designer Marcelo Lucini

by S. Russell Groves

Romeo Sozzi's apartment in Rome

a living room by Martin Brudnizki

a living room by Laura Kirar

one of my all times favorites, by Jacques Grange

from an article on 1st Dibs about on Fort Street Studio


bedroom by Candy& Candy

unknown source


Glamour Drops said...

I often find these colours difficult to work with, preferring a more summery palette, but your examples do give them a fresh lease of life. Love the little library niche with the desk ~ a lovely spot to curl up in to explore the many tomes of wisdom on the shelves.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful round up...that dining room is such a favorite! Its warm plums for me right now as well!

qerat said...

A collection of outstanding works. Thanks for posting them

mary said...

Give aubergine every day of the week. Any grays tinted with mauve. Thanks for reminding me.

Anonymous said...

Those rooms look so incredibly cozy.