Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Belgian Style

I was quite excited to see these images of the home of Belgian designer Vincent Van Duysen as I think they show a softer and more elegant side to his minimal style. A little reminiscent of Andrée Putman's aesthetic if you ask me. The stairwell is amazing, and I love the bathtub that you get just a glimpse of through the bedroom. Divine!

I was also quite excited to see that someone is publishing a monograph of his work - "Vincent Van Duysen: Complete Works" is due to be released in May this year. With a foreword by Ilse Crawford, this looks like an instant classic. I already have a copy on pre-order!

Photos of Van Duysen's apartment by Martyn Thompson for French Architectural Digest Feb-Mar 2010.


Willow Decor said...

I love the minimalist style. It is so calming. The tub in the Master bath is stunning!!
Great post!

Karena said...

Oh, so beautiful!! These image evoke such comfort and luxury!

烤肉 said...

Since it is the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late.............................................