Thursday, 4 December 2008

Art Sunday!

Starting this Sunday!

"Hong Kong’s art and cultural landscape has recently undergone a renaissance, from the art auction rooms to the international acclaim of local artists. Galleries are blossoming and a sense of excitement, long associated with just the hallowed streets of downtown New York, is gathering locally and internationally about Hong Kong’s potential as Asia’s art capital.Now, Hong Kong art galleries in Central have come together to bring a sense of community, education and easy accessibility back into art. Beginning Sunday 7th December, art galleries in Central will open from 11am – 5pm for Art Sunday. This free event will allow families, friends, neighbours and those out for a leisurely Sunday afternoon, to engage with art, chat to their local gallerists, and listen to talks about art and artwork. Children will be able to participate in creative workshops and learn about art in a fun and interactive environment. Local cafes and restaurants will join in sponsoring the event, providing brunch and drinks for local participating galleries. With over 20 galleries and a number of local restaurants participating, Art Sunday guarantees something for everyone and is a wonderful way to support Hong Kong’s art community."

Further dates for 2009 have already been set - February 8th, March 15th, and April 5th. See you there!


Bad Girl, Esq. said...

I'd like to go for this event tomorrow, but not sure exactly where I can start in terms of the location of the galleries... Can't find any info on this... Can u kindly let me know which street i shuold go? Thanks a lot, I always enjoy your posting soooo much! Heejae

Bad Girl, Esq. said...

oh I found the related info, thanks anyways~

Suzy said...

Heejae - hope you had a good time, I don't think I'll make it to this one, but definitely will next time!