Monday, 17 November 2008

Yan Descamps

I made another great new discovery over the weekend that I just had to share with you all.... Paris based Yan Descamps. Most of his work is quite classical, but I totally fell in love with this Brussels apartment that he did. I love the bold black glossy trims and the extra high doors (are they double height? it's hard to tell). The colours give it a warm cozy feeling even though its quite sparsely furnished. The bedroom is my favorite of them all...oh to wake up to wall to wall silk carpeting every morning!


Alkemie said...

I totally love the living room and lacquered walls in the dining room. Great find!

Karen O.

Tina said...

the bedroom is simple yet lush! i love the retro feel of the dinning room too!

franki durbin said...

Oh the high ceilings are amazing. I particularly love the dining room wall proportions... the oddly tall glossy surface with matte finish contrasting paint above? So unique - and completely makes the artwork pop.

And the crown molding just ties it all together in a neat little package. Stunning, really. Nice find!