Tuesday, 10 June 2008


I've been loving the bits and pieces I'd seen of Richard Mishaan's furniture line, Homer, for some time now. I saw it advertised in Elle Decor a while back and have been anxiously awaiting the website launch ever since. The wait is over!

The "Cairo" credenza - a very chic silhouette, an absolute classic, would look great in my dining room!

The "Cairo" etagere - another classic profile, and very elegant. I have a tonne of books I'd love to pile up on this.

The "Halcón" side table - also very chic, I would love this for a bed side table. The pull-out tray at the top is the perfect place to rest a morning cuppa.

The "Halcón Parson's" table - more of a modern profile, but I think it would work in a variety of interior styles.

Believe me or not, but the "October" side table is pretty much exactly the same as the side table I had in mind to get made for my new apartment. Inspired by a JM Frank design and covered in parchment, it's very chic, and has a discreet drawer for extra storage. I think I might have to change my design a little so I don't look like I'm copying...The "Mondrian" chair is a pretty versatile shape, and I'm loving it's square shaped upholstered arms.
I think the "Spider" chair was possibly inspired by classic Art Deco styled arm chairs, but I love Mishaan's interpretation. It's much more elegant and refined.

The perfect library chair, the "de Colombe High Back" looks comfortable and stylish at the same time.
The "de Colombe Slipper" chair is just as chic from behind as it is from the front!
And finally, the "de Colombe Sofa" has a timeless profile, slender arms, comfy back cushions, and lovely legs. I wouldn't mind coming home to this beauty every night!


The Peak of Chic said...

That Halcon Parsons table is perfection! (And sorry, but I can't type the accent over the "o"!)

Suzy said...

Hi Jennifer - the Halcon table is pretty chich, huh, there isn't much you could or would want to change about it. (and don't worry, I can't type the accent over the O either, I had to copy and paste it last night when I did the post!)

Tessa said...

I LOVE the de Colombe Slipper chair, sofa, and high back! The Mondrian chair is lovely too, it could be used for so many different places. I adore the Halcon side table too.

sarah said...

I love the slipper chair. I would love to redo my living room and use these chairs. Thanks for sharing

My Notting Hill said...

Love the Halcon side table - especially since it has that pull-out piece. Michele

decorative deluxe said...

I am so glad you posted this - I love this stuff. I will need a pair of the de Colombe Slipper chairs for myself. I would do these with a contrast welt to make those fabulous line pop out even more. Thanks