Wednesday, 27 February 2008


I love stripes. Simple as that. To me, they are a design classic that never date, and work in almost any situation. I love them wide, I love them narrow. I love them for curtains, I love them for upholstery. I love them vertical, and I love them horizontal. I'm especially partial to a pinstripe, or a mens suiting stripe. I would almost put stripes on everything if I didn't hold myself back. Here are just a few that I particularly like...

Schumacher, Olivia Stripe -Aqua

Lee Jofa, Oxford Stripe - FD561

Lee Jofa, Matt Stripe - Esspress

Highland Court, 31377-30

Highland Court, 31380-639

Highland Court, 31738-587

Kravet, 24629-3

Kravet, 25863-616

Kravet, 26585-716

Kravet, Bibendum Silk - Melon

Kravet, Bolero - Bronze

Paul Smith for Maharam, Bespoke Stripe - Navy

Paul Smith for Maharam, Dandy - Pewter

Paul Smith for Maharam, Syncopated Stripe

Highland Court, 14837-160

Kravet, 23866-316

Luna, Queue - Dapper

Schumacher, Scintillation - Ermine


LondonCalling said...

Love them. Especially - Dapper!

girl meets glamour said...

I'm usually a fan of larger scale stripes, but I do love the more tailored suit styles as well! Great post!!


shasha said...

I love your writing and photos. I'm into stripes in green these days. I've got a swatch - light green/yellow, gold stripe - I'll make bedroom curtains out of it once I get to HK~

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Agreed LondonCalling! Dapper. Stripes are always very cheering to me. I'm thinking of painting the bedroom in horizontal tone on tone stripes...

Suzy said...

London calling - yes, I love that one too! especially as its made of wool - did I mention I'm partial to a wool stripe? Hmmm...maybe in another post.

Kate - me too, although I prety much like all stripes!

Hi Shasha - thanks for dropping by! And good luck with your move to Honkers!

EEL - sounds great, make sure you share the pics with us once its done!

Cote de Texas said...

I adore stripes!!! I like to use two different ones in one area sometimes. I love the Rogers and Goffigon stripes the best right now. Great accumuation of stripe pictures!!!